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Pop that Colour, or How to Make More Money when Staging Your Home

Like most Canadians, you likely wonder why it makes a difference to stage a Home when you’ll only be Selling it empty anyway. That may be logical to presume, but the REALity is …


Decorating vs. Staging

Decorating is about making your Home comfortable for you and your family. Staging a House doesn’t take much effort (other than some elbow grease!) and usually very little money to make your Home look more appealing (maybe even bigger) to potential Buyers and ultimately Sell faster! You’re moving anyways and packing for staging is one way to start the moving process!


Decorate to Live, Stage to Sell

Risks & Rewards

A few of the rewards of staging your Home are:

It will likely Sell faster

  • The offers may be closer to your asking price
  • It will stand apart from the competition
  • Ultimately make more money

By not staging your Home, you risk that potential Buyers may not see the features of your home, including square footage, or worse, focusing on any deficiencies, adding them up like a calculator to ask for a price reduction, and that presumes they are even interested in you property.


As an Accredited Canadian Staging Professional, Susan will work with you to Stage your Home to create that “WOW” factor that Buyers expect … Susan understands that Homes have seconds to make a FIRST impression, make sure your home makes that lasting impression on the Buyers.

Call me if you would like  staging advice – I’m here to help!



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